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Partnering with Perpetual

Partnering with Perpetual

Specialist financial advice and trustee services.

How we work with you and your clients.

We believe that great businesses are built on great relationships.

As an accountant, lawyer or other business professional, we make it easy for you to access the tools and resources to help you protect and grow your clients’ wealth.

By partnering with Perpetual, your clients can benefit from combined expertise in financial advice, trustee services and investment management. They can call on technical experts and a team of specialists in areas such as investment management, superannuation, tax and accounting, trust set-up and management, estate planning and philanthropy.

We can help you guide and prepare your clients for any stage in life – from managing wealth to preparing for life after work and leaving a legacy:


    • Strategic financial advice
    • Investment advice & management
    • Income, savings & debt management
    • Personal Insurance
    • Tax & accounting
    • Health & personal injury support
    • Family office
    • Property management

    Exceptional financial advice to protect and grow your wealth. That’s our enduring commitment to you backed by an investment philosophy that has stood the test of time.

  • Planning For Retirement

    • Retirement and succession planning
    • Superannuation & pension management
    • Power of attorney & Lifestyle assistance

    A post-work paradise takes careful planning. We can help you to structure your finances effectively and create an investment portfolio that protects your wealth without jeopardising your lifestyle.

  • Giving & Passing On Wealth

    • Charitable giving & philanthropy
    • Trust setup & management
    • Wills, estate planning & executorial services

    From the creation of your estate plan through to tax-effective giving structures, our team can help you to create a legacy for the people and causes closest to your heart.

Strategic financial advice

A Perpetual adviser will bring together all elements of your clients’ circumstances and financial goals to build a comprehensive, strategic financial plan – a plan that adapts and endures through life’s up and downs. With a roadmap that ensures every financial decision they make moves them closer to their goals, your client can have greater confidence in their financial future. We’ll keep them regularly up to date on their investments and strategies, respond quickly to their questions, and always be able to explain what they’re invested in, and why. 

Learn more about ways via holistic advice for private clients. 


Investment advice and management

There’s no right or wrong answer for how your clients should invest their money. Just what’s right for them. Our award-winning team* of investment specialists will take the time to understand your clients’ goals and design an investment strategy aligned to those goals. Our team will then carefully select suitable investments from our range of investment options, including direct shares, managed funds, fixed income, real estate, ESG and alternatives not usually available to individual investors.

We also monitor and report on all aspects of you clients’ investments to ease the compliance burden, and proactively show the progress of their investments.


Award winning team

The Perpetual Income Opportunities Fund and Perpetual Growth Opportunities Fund celebrated 10 years in market in 2019.

Perpetual was recognised as Best Alternative Investment Manager of the Year and the Perpetual Income Opportunities Fund has won Best Multi Strategy Fund two years running at the Hedge Funds Rock Australian Alternative Investments Awards held in Sydney (2018-2019).

Learn more about our investment services.

Find out more on retirement investing in our free eBook Explore a new world of income.

Income, savings and debt management

Whether it’s for a mortgage, an investment property, growing a doctor’s practice or running a business - debt can be an important part of growing long-term wealth. Our advisers can help your clients build a comprehensive financial plan that measures debt, available cashflow and savings holistically. We can advise on whether gearing is suitable for your client, help find the right loans, consolidate and refinance high-cost debt, and structure repayments in a way that lets them make the most of the lifestyle they’ve earned.

Personal insurance

We provide tailored life insurance plans, TPD, trauma and income protection insurance to protect your clients’ income and lifestyle should something go wrong. We make sure their plans are tax-effective, work together and integrate with their investment and super strategies. Just as importantly, the plans are flexible to respond to your clients’ changing family and financial needs. Our team also specialise in providing for the unique insurance needs of doctors and people running their own businesses. 

Tax, accounting and business advisory services

Our specialist accounting company, Fordham, is one of Australia’s highest-rated accounting firms* specialising in work with business owners and managers. The tax, accounting and business advisory experts at Fordham will help your clients with their individual finances, SMSFs, charitable foundations and businesses. Whether your client needs transactional work or a tax-effective integrated wealth strategy, our advice will help reduce your clients’ paperwork, compliance burden, tax bill and headaches!

Learn more about Fordham services.

Health and personal injury (H&PI) support

Our priority is to secure a better tomorrow for your clients and ensure their funds will last a long time. We can assist with creating a sustainable budget, long-term investment strategy, and advice on tax and the NDIS. Perpetual trust managers also provide a central point of contact for clients and their family members for their day-to-day needs. On your clients’ behalf, we liaise and co-ordinate with a range of service providers, including doctors, carers and lawyers.

Learn more about our H&PI services.


Property management

At Perpetual, we understand Australians’ love affair with property. We can manage all aspects of your clients’ commercial or residential property – from buying and selling, maintenance, through to compliance and management of agents. We also guide clients on how to structure their property portfolio to gain the most from available tax benefits.

Download the Property management brochure.

Family Office

Our experts can assist your clients with complex family relationships, significant family wealth and business interests. Your clients can access integrated financial and lifestyle services that will help build and preserve wealth and leave a lasting legacy when wealth is transferred to the next generation. 

Learn more about our bespoke Family Office service.


Retirement planning and transitioning

It’s important for your clients to have the right plan in place before retirement, so when the time comes, they can retire on their own terms. Our retirement planning solutions cover everything from income in retirement and asset protection to social security and aged care. For doctors who run a practice or business owners we can also help with the right way to sell – or pass on – a business.

We can also advise clients on developing an estate plan, philanthropic giving and strategies to manage inter-generational wealth transfer in a tax-effective and secure way.

Find out more on retirement planning and living a rich life over age 50 in our free eBook.

Find out more on retirement investing in our free eBook Explore a new world of income.


Superannuation and pension management

Super is the most tax-effective way to save for retirement. We can help your clients maximise their super contributions, or if they prefer to manage their own retirement savings, set up a self-managed super fund (SMSF). We can take care of the time-consuming administration of SMSFs, or act as a trustee for a small APRA fund (SAF). We can also help your clients structure their finances and assets to get the maximum pension available.

Read more about different ways to withdraw super in retirement.


Power of Attorney and Lifestyle Assistance

Lifestyle Assistance is a personalised service with a dedicated consultant who can assist your client with everyday tasks like paying bills or organising extra assistance around their home, to more complex jobs like end-of-year tax returns, investment guidance, legal advice or even aged care planning.

Our team can also help your client find a suitable aged care home that meets their needs. To ensure a smooth transition, we can also manage the administration, help coordinate the sale of existing property and arrange the move.

Learn more about our Lifestyle Assistance services

Perpetual have partnered with Home Instead Senior Care to develop a guide for wellbeing and financial security as we age. Download How to Plan For Successful Ageing from the Home Instead.

Charitable giving

With some careful planning, your clients can give in a way that makes a real impact on the causes and organisations they care about. We can set up a charitable trust for your client that is tax effective and considers the level of personal or family involvement they want.

Learn more about ways to give to charitable causes.


Trust management

We can help your clients protect their assets by setting up trusts that provide for family and/or charitable causes.

Learn more about our trust management services.


Estate planning and Administration

Working with a trusted legal partner, we can help your clients create a comprehensive estate plan to protect their legacy. Your clients can have a plan that covers all the bases – superannuation, trust structures, asset protection, business succession planning, charitable bequests and powers of attorney. Perpetual can also act as the appointed executor of an estate. This means we can take responsibility for administering any ongoing trusts created in your clients’ Will.

Learn more about our estate planning and administration.



Our partner and adviser – in their own words

“Perpetual has been of great assistance to me for over 30 years. I have found Perpetual to be pragmatic and responsive, with an ability to provide a wide range of services to assist all clients regardless of the complexity of their affairs. They tailor their services to ensure that the needs of the individual, family or business entities are always met.” – Gerard Basha, Partner at Bartier Perry Pty Limited

“For over 15 years, I’ve partnered with solicitors to provide high-quality, integrated financial advice for their clients, whether it is to help them grow their wealth, plan for retirement or transfer their wealth to the next generation. At Perpetual, we always take the time to understand the unique needs of your client and put those needs first. Together with the referring solicitor, we’re committed to delivering the highest level of personalised care and specialist expertise.” – Carolyn O'Reilly, Senior Financial Adviser, Perpetual Private VIC


Meet the team

Peter Whittington
Lead Partner NSW / ACT
Andrew Parker.jpg
Andrew Parker
Partner, Private Clients SA
Peter Whittington

Peter Whittington

Lead Partner NSW / ACT

Peter is a lead partner based out of our Sydney offices, managing multiple specialised teams across financial advice, medical specialists, fiduciary services such as Perpetual’s Lifestyle Assist s and other support roles.

As well as managing people, Peter brings together all the resources needed to provide advice and aged care support services for our clients, including operations management and business-to-business sales and marketing.

Peter has been with Perpetual for five years. Prior to this, he spent over a decade working with accounting and legal practitioners for CPA Australia and The Tax Institute.

Peter is also a Director of several Not-For-Profit organisations which are responsible for significant physical and monetary assets.

Peter holds a Master of Business Administration (Business Law) and has completed a Diploma of Financial Planning. He also has a Foundations of Directorship from the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Andrew Parker
Andrew Parker.jpg

Andrew Parker

Partner, Private Clients SA

Andrew is the Partner of SA’s Not For Profit division.

With over 32 years experience, Andrew specialises in advice to large complex organisations, family offices, not-for-profit clients and philanthropic trusts. He has a deep understanding of the unique needs and strategic objectives of not-for-profit organisations and helps his clients implement best practice investment policies. Andrew also connects clients to other parts of the Perpetual business, including Philanthropic services.

Prior to joining Perpetual, Andrew held senior adviser roles within commercial and private banking based in Adelaide for the last 9 years. Andrew has also held senior manager roles in institutional banking at JPMorgan Chase, Deutsche Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland in Tokyo, Singapore, London, New York and Sydney over a period of 20 years.

Andrew has a Bachelor of Business (Finance), Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning, is an accredited Self- Managed Super Fund adviser (SMSFA) and speaks several languages.

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* Our accounting firm Fordham, specialising in work with business owners and managers, achieved an exceptional NPS score of 75 in 2020.


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